Building a Node.js REST Microservice: Part One
portrait of a red panda

Introduction This is the first in a planned series of tutorials walking through the process of creating, deploying, and consuming a Node.js REST microservice. In this post, I will demonstrate the initial setup and creation of the microservice and its routes. By leveraging just a few Node.js modules, you will quickly have a functional REST […]

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6 Signs Your Agile Project Isn’t Really Agile

More and more organizations are adopting agile software development processes and practices. But in many cases, these organizations have declared they are agile without actually changing how they develop software. Declaring that an apple is an orange doesn’t make it so. These six key indicators can help you determine whether your agile project isn’t really […]

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Is Behavior-Driven Development Right for Your Team?
behavior driven development

If you are currently applying agile principles and run into situations where the team’s outcome occasionally deviates from the business needs, you might consider applying Behavior-Driven-Development (BDD). BDD is a mechanism for fostering collaboration and discovery through examples. – Dan North BDD is a way to “shift left” the validation of the work, ensuring it […]

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Picking the Right Branch-Merge Strategy

To succeed with distributed rapid development, a branch-merge strategy is key. A good strategy facilitates processes among multiple developers or teams and is the basis for any well-functioning DevOps pipeline that uses continuous integration (CI). While there are many ways to implement CI and DevOps without a branch-merge strategy, most mature organizations use them to […]

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The Curious Case of Incomplete Work at the End of a Sprint

Scrum and other agile processes advocate using time-boxed periods called a sprint or iteration in order to focus a team on getting work done. The idea is that the team will select an amount of work about this size of their capacity and commit to completing that work during the sprint. How the team decides […]

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Don’t Let Too Little Planning Tank Your Agile Adoption

One of the most prevalent misconceptions I hear from organizations struggling with agile adoption is about planning. Many organizations turning to agile believe it means avoiding planning — it’s a common stance for those who have never truly experienced being on a highly functioning agile team. This couldn’t be further from the truth. A healthy […]

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