Building a Node.js REST Microservice: Part Three

Introduction This is the third part in a series of tutorials focused on the process of creating, deploying, and consuming a Node.js REST microservices. In part one, I walked through the initial creation process and laid out the path forward. In part two, I connected the Node.js app to a database, and updated the routes […]

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Coveros Conversations: Certification

Senior Learning & Coaching Consultant Stephanie Fender and Senior Consultant Byron Katz discuss the practical learning benefits in our certification courses plus how adding coaching can make learning “stick” in our next Coveros Conversation.

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Making Security a First Class Citizen in DevOps

I recently had the opportunity to do a web seminar with Jeff Payne about using open source tools for DevSecOps. In our discussion, I made the point that the goal of DevSecOps is to make application security a first-class citizen in the DevOps process. Making application security a first-class citizen improves the quality of your […]

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Is SAFe® the Right Framework for You

I work with many organizations that are trying valiantly to transition to agile. While it is noble to try to just follow the agile principles and develop your own solution, most understandably find comfort and support in following a well-understood and documented agile framework. But which of the many frameworks do you choose? Scrum? Kanban? […]

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Is Behavior-Driven Development Right for Your Team?
behavior driven development

If you are currently applying agile principles and run into situations where the team’s outcome occasionally deviates from the business needs, you might consider applying Behavior-Driven-Development (BDD). BDD is a mechanism for fostering collaboration and discovery through examples. – Dan North BDD is a way to “shift left” the validation of the work, ensuring it […]

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Building Confidence in Your Automation

I recently had the pleasure of doing a webinar with Jeff Payne on test automation. In it, I rehashed some of the points from my Keynote out at STARWEST, but mainly we got to have a wonderful discussion on some key talking points. Despite what some people thought, none of these questions were pre-planned or […]

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A Beginner’s Tips for Learning DevOps
A woman mentors another woman while looking at a computer

As a new employee fresh out of college, there’s definitely a learning curve when entering the DevOps world. For me, DevOps was rarely mentioned in school and certainly never in a lecture. It was this mysterious movement sweeping through the technical field: a solution to all of your project’s problems. To me, it was more […]

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