5 Common Pitfalls Agile Coaches Must Avoid
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Successful agile teams often have a coach driving continuous improvement. While some coaches are effective initially, many eventually succumb to pitfalls that inhibit their team’s growth and fail to compel any lasting changes. Here are five common pitfalls of agile coaches I see in most projects that fail to improve. 1. Not Applying Agile to […]

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Why Does Everyone Pick on Agile?
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It seems like every other day, someone in the software development community feels the necessity to declare that agile is dead and they have something new and better. Sometimes it’s one of the founders of agile who now think the Agile Manifesto is dated and needs to be overhauled. Other times it’s ageless software veterans […]

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Testing Your DevOps Is Just as Important as Testing Your Software

Long gone are the days of waterfall software development. The agile movement has brought common-sense software development principles to nearly every corner of the world and changed the way we look at software. This philosophy left marks on how we look at our infrastructure, too. With agile came DevOps and the idea to bring together […]

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Driving Continuous Improvement to the Entire Organization
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The Agile Manifesto states that “at regular intervals, the team reflects on how to become more effective, then tunes and adjust its behavior accordingly.” Despite being a key principle of the manifesto, continuous improvement eludes some organizations. They find themselves “doing agile” instead of “being agile.” In traditional agile approaches, the sprint retrospective provides a […]

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Custom Headers in Selenified
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I’ve talked before about how Selenified supports web services and API testing, and as such, we are constantly working to simplify this experience, and expand out the support. One of the features included in the Selenified 3.0.1 release is the ability to pass in custom headers. Previously, all calls made had the Content-Type set to […]

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