Why Frequently Delivering Working Software Is Crucial to Agile
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One of my favorite agile principles is “Working software is the primary measure of progress.” Unfortunately, many agile teams ignore this principle, instead focusing on collaboration, organizing self-directed teams, and performing agile ceremonies. While all the agile principles are important, without producing working software on a regular basis, the others won’t matter. Traditional software development […]

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Growing Generalized Specialists on an Agile Team
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It’s difficult for an agile team comprised solely of specialists to be fully productive. If team members are unable to help others with their tasks, the team will not maximize its potential. The agile community calls team members who are capable of working in a variety of roles generalized specialists. A generalized specialist is not […]

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Testing with Feature Toggles
Software Testing

What are Feature Toggles There are lots of ways for developers to develop code, with many different strategies when it comes to releasing capabilities. While many development organizations prefer to use feature and release branches, some utilize feature toggles (sometimes even combining these with branching). This gives developers the ability to turn a particular feature […]

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Why You Should Be Using Go
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Go (or golang) is a relatively new language that I personally discovered while building REST API servers for my internship over at OSNEXUS, and I quickly fell in love with the language’s speed and syntactic sugar. A powerful tool, especially when it comes to concurrency and web servers, Go makes a strong case to be […]

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Escaping and Translating Special Characters with XPATH
Coding Code

If you’re here because you now have to fix the method that had this link commented in it, I’m sorry. The Hard-Knocks of XPATH 1.0 Life Work at a current client has lead to – for a various amount of restrictions with reasons that I won’t get into – the need for using dynamically generated […]

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