5 Tips to Ensure A Successful Remote Daily Scrum
Working from home

As I mentioned in my previous post, this is a challenging time for agile teams as we are transitioning to being fully remote. Many are struggling to follow the agile principles, especially those that promote co-location and face-to-face communication. But even though we now find ourselves in a situation where these principles are challenging, it […]

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What is DAST?

DAST stands for Dynamic Application Security Testing, and it’s a blackbox suite of tools that really look at web applications on the front end. DAST looks at a running application looking for potential security vulnerabilities, architectural weaknesses, SQL injection, and cross-site scripting, among other security risks in the OWASP Top Ten. How is SAST different […]

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What is SAST?

SAST stands for Static Application Security Testing. SAST look through application source code for security defects, different issues written into the source code, and how the application is actually programmed to identify vulnerabilities that then have the potential being exploited. How is SAST different from DAST? SAST typically takes less time than running DAST, and […]

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3 Virtual Options to Keep Your Strategic Goals on Track
Man works on a laptop at a wood desk

In the past several weeks, the world has experienced an unprecedented amount of change, and situations continue to evolve rapidly as each day goes by. It’s safe to say that many businesses are experiencing shifts, both major and minor, as they seek ways to maintain business continuity while heeding precautionary measures.  Although there lies a […]

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Failure is Feedback: Unit Testing

“Failure is Feedback and Feedback is the breakfast of Champions” – fortune cookie Introduction This is the second blog in a series focused on software tools, processes and principles behind receiving feedback. In my first blog I discussed the importance of receiving feedback early and often throughout the software development lifecycle. Feedback is essential in […]

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Tips for Facilitating Remote Agile Teams

In this challenging unprecedented time teams that have been co-located in team rooms are now adapting to being fully remote, at least for the time being. So a big question a lot of agile teams are facing is how do we follow the agile principles while remote. In particular the idea of co-location and the […]

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Shifting Security Left: The Innovation of DevSecOps

Application security, or AppSec, is hard. For development teams, it often comes into development late in a release cycle and demands changes to the software that seem unreasonable. For the AppSec team, being introduced to a project after the application has been designed and much of the code has been written means there will be […]

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