Bitcoin and the Blockchain: An Introduction

Bitcoin has been one of the most talked about topics in current news and really it should be. The idea of bitcoin and underlying technologies such as the blockchain has potential to change the digital world as we know it. I’m going to discuss the basics of what a bitcoin is, where it came from, […]

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Automating Desktop Applications with SikuliX
SikuliX Image Recognition

My current project supports a number of software applications for which we build and maintain automated tests. While most of these applications are web-based (for which we use Selenium WebDriver), we also support a few desktop/rich client applications.  This has exposed the need for a front-end automated test tool that doesn’t rely on DOM based attributes. Our […]

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What are Jenkins Pipelines and What is a Jenkinsfile?

‘Pipeline as code’ or defining the deployment pipeline through code rather than configuring a running CI/CD tool, provides tremendous benefits for teams automating infrastructure across their environments. One of the most popular ways to implement a pipeline as code is through Jenkins Pipeline. Jenkins, an open source automation server, is used to automate tasks associated […]

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Deploying, Running Applications in Docker Containers

Deploying and running applications in Containers is one of the hottest trends in DevOps and IT today. Docker, a containerization platform that lets users easily package, deploy, and manage their applications within containers, is principally responsible for bringing containers to the mainstream. This article provides information about what containers are, their relationship with DevOps, and […]

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DevSecOps: The Solution to the Equifax Problem
Credit Card

By now, most Americans have heard of the breach of over 143 million (and counting) U.S. consumer’s financial data to hackers earlier this month.  A well-published vulnerability in Apache Struts (CVE-2017-5638) was not patched for months in Equifax applications.  This vulnerability was readily available to hackers and exploited against critical systems holding data such as […]

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Implementing the DevSecOps Process

The primary goal of DevSecOps is to ensure Security and Operations team members are engaged and collaborating with Development and Test from the very beginning of a project/product development. In addition to cultural shifts, it demands a linked toolchain of technologies to facilitate collaborative change. It requires pushing past departmental lines for more effective planning, […]

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Extending Selenified Functionality

Sometimes the action you want to perform isn’t available via Selenified. Luckily this doesn’t mean you need to abandon Selenified. Custom Actions If you need to perform the custom action, use the app object to retrieve the driver. Then perform the action that you need to. This is the standard Selenium WebDriver so you can do […]

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