Agile Development

Your mission-critical software cannot be entrusted to just anyone. It’s your intellectual property, your competitive advantage, your crown jewels. When Coveros builds your software, we don’t do it in a country you’ve never heard of. And we can blend our experts into your teams if you wish, so you not only accelerate your delivery but teach your staff how to build great software in the process.

We use Agile Development best practices, software experts, and a proven Software Security framework to build world-class software for companies all over the world.

Coveros builds software using the following agile approaches:


We use Scrum at Coveros to manage software projects and requirements for the software we build. Scrum provides an extremely flexible, yet rigorous approach to maximizing the amount of value you get from your software every day. While we do have Scrum Masters at Coveros, it’s our decades of experience that make the difference when managing and leading software projects. Always remember that you aren’t a rocket scientist just because you went to science camp.


We use Kanban at Coveros to optimize Agile performance by constraining work-in-progress to maintain high levels of throughput and productivity. Kanban is even more adaptable and provides a framework for higher visibility and focus upon work completion based on a lean, just-in-time delivery methodology. Let us show you how to leverage our experience with Kanban to improve your agile practices and improve your value creation.

eXtreme Programming

When building great software, just using an agile project management approach like Scrum is not enough. Software teams must fundamentally change how they work day to day to be agile. At Coveros, we use eXtreme Programming (XP) techniques to drive our software development and testing efforts, such as test-driven development, team-based design, and agile test automation.

Software Security

Most software today has to be secure. Whether to protect customer data, maintain the integrity of financial transactions, or simply to ensure that no one uses your software as a launching pad for an attack, security is no longer optional. At Coveros, we have integrated a proven software security framework into our agile development approach to ensure that security is built into your applications from the ground up.