Innovative software development can only be achieved through a combination of powerful strategy, sound processes, and reliable tools. 

That’s why Coveros partners with leading technology solution providers to enhance our  expert-led consulting and learning services. Whether your focus is on improving agility, accelerating delivery, mitigating security risks, or validating software quality, Coveros and our Partners are here to help.

If you are a leading technology provider, contact us to explore how we can work together to improve the software development, test, and delivery process.

Bishop Fox logo

Coveros provides Secure SDLC services to BishopFox customers while BishopFox provides advanced penetration testing to Coveros customers.

Application Security

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Coveros is Sonatype’s oldest partner. Together we automate software supply chain security, accelerating developer innovation by helping code smarter, implement fixes faster, all while increasing security.

Application Security

Inflectra Logo

Coveros and Inflectra provide a seamless test automation solution for those seeking to accelerate their testing efforts and integrate them into DevOp. They also provide solutions for automating your agile project management efforts for mission-critical application development. Our combined products and services provide risk management and project delivery.

Test and Test Automation | Agile Development

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Coveros is GitHub’s exclusive application security partner, providing expert services and training surrounding the GitHub Application Security suite of products.

Application Security | DevOps