Coveros is the Premier Professional Services Partner of Inflectra

Coveros has been a long-time partner of Inflectra. We provide consulting and training services that help organizations effectively implement Inflectra’s suite of application lifecycle management (ALM), testing, and agile tools while transforming their culture and processes.

What We Do

For nearly 15 years, we’ve been helping organizations align processes, people, organizational structure, and appropriate tool customization to help solve their biggest business problems. As a partner of Inflectra, our experts are well-versed in how to create the transformations necessary for effectively adopting the Spira toolset. Here’s how we can help:

Building a DevSecOps Pipeline with Spira

Spira Test, Spira Team, and Spira Plan are valuable tools in building effective DevSecOps pipelines that help find defects before production and prevent continuous bugs.

In this session from InflectraCon, Hugo Sanchez, a Coveros managing consultant and Spira expert, walks us through building a DevSecOps pipeline using Spria’s tools.

The number one factor in a successful partnership is trust, pure and simple. When we refer a customer or prospect to another company, we want to make sure they have a great experience, and that they feel like the partner understands their business, knows our products inside and out, and will deliver a great service. Since working with Coveros, I can say that I have that trust.

Adam Sandman, CEO, Inflectra

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Driving Agile and DevOps Transformations

Lack of Structured Strategy: When attempting to improve your process, a definitive plan and strategy are often lacking. As with any modern improvement effort, an effective strategy must include an incremental roadmap for improving the organization, processes, tooling, and staff skills over time.

New Processes Defined Only at a High Level: It’s critical that new processes are defined to be actionable. Descriptions of processes that don’t include workflow diagrams, best practices, anti-patterns to avoid, examples of the process in action, or templates to use will significantly increase adoption time.

Tools Before Process: Many organizations begin improvement initiatives by purchasing products before ensuring their process, people, and organizational structure are aligned.

Ad-Hoc Improvement Process: Improvement of process, staff, and tooling is something that takes time and planning. Effective coaching, training, and hands-on pairing are necessary to ingrain new concepts and help your staff build the muscle memory necessary to make new practices the norm.

Big Bang Adoption: It is one thing to document a process and another to successfully enable teams to adopt. It is critical in any improvement program that changes be implemented incrementally, alongside effective coaching and support to make sure adoption sticks.

Accelerate Your Spira Implementation

Spira helps accelerate delivery and increase the quality of products and software through a comprehensive toolset designed for managers, developers, and testers alike. 

  • SpiraTest combines test management, requirements traceability, and bug-tracking.
  • SpiraTeam brings teams together to manage the entire application lifecycle.
  • SpiraPlan helps manage your programs and portfolio of projects. It adds integrated enterprise risk management, program management, and portfolio management. 

I enjoy working with Coveros, and have found them to be effective partners. They put the effort into understanding our tools and how to use them effectively for our customers’ varied needs. They give deep consideration to our solutions and are a constructive partner in working through how we can better serve our customers today and in the longer term.

Simon Bor, Head of Product, Inflectra

Our Customized Approach

Our experts will guide you through a three-staged approach to Spira adoption and organizational transformation customized to your organization’s specific needs.

Coveros' customized approach to Spira adoption: Plan, understand, and implement.

Plan: Coveros experts work with your team to understand the business problems, define success, create a risk register, and create a backlog of project stories. We also collaboratively decide with your team on decisions regarding project sprint cadence, frequency of standups, and other Agile ceremonies.

Understand: Our engineers work with your team to understand the current processes, existing resources, roles, responsibilities, access needs, and tool usage for the management of requirements, releases, documents, test cases, incidents, and tasks. We then collaborate with your team on ways those can be adjusted to improve effectiveness and leverage tool support. Design decisions will be made during this phase that will provide guidance for the Implement phase. 

Implement: We work with your team to configure and codify the design decisions from the Understand phase. We then implement and test our suggested configurations, making key adjustments to ensure a smooth adoption for your team. After each logical segment implementation, we work together with your team to test and evolve the implementation so that it incorporates improvements identified during each of the testing sessions.

Enhance Your Use of Spira with Custom Training and Coaching

For nearly 15 years, Coveros has been a leader in custom consulting and training services for organizations looking to transform their processes, culture, and people. We apply this experience to help you enhance your Spira implementation through our specialized continuous learning approach.

Specialized Training for Key Roles

We’ve developed training specialized for each key role in your agile and Spira transformation.

  • Quality Assurance
  • Business Analyst
  • Development
  • Manager
  • Administrators

Pair Training and Implementation

Our training works best when delivered in conjunction with your Spira implementation. Our experts will work with your team to understand your needs and challenges, develop a plan for implementation and configuration, and train and coach your teams to best use your implementation.

Coveros has prioritized building a team of professionals who know the Inflectra toolset inside and out. When I refer a customer to Coveros, I know they will be working with consultants and trainers who are seasoned and experienced. The team gives at least 110% to every engagement to ensure our clients are satisfied, and it’s for this reason that I never hesitate to recommend them.

Jessica Moore, Director of Global Alliances, Inflectra

What You’ll Learn

What A Typical Engagement with Coveros Looks Like:

Discovery: Our experts work to review your current operations and ask key questions to understand your needs and develop a plan for implementation.

Spira initial configuration: Our team configures your Spira tools to your specific needs.

Course customization: Our training experts develop custom courses for each key role based on your Spira configuration.

Course delivery: Our instructors deliver live workshop-style courses including hands-on modules and real-world scenarios.

Final Spira configuration: Our experts refine your implementation based on feedback and discoveries from your training.

Follow-up coaching: Our experts work with your team through multiple sprints to help you tweak and perfect your Spira implementation.

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