Why You Should Be Using Go
golang gopher

Go (or golang) is a relatively new language that I personally discovered while building REST API servers for my internship over at OSNEXUS, and I quickly fell in love with the language’s speed and syntactic sugar. A powerful tool, especially when it comes to concurrency and web servers, Go makes a strong case to be […]

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Escaping and Translating Special Characters with XPATH
Coding Code

If you’re here because you now have to fix the method that had this link commented in it, I’m sorry. The Hard-Knocks of XPATH 1.0 Life Work at a current client has lead to – for a various amount of restrictions with reasons that I won’t get into – the need for using dynamically generated […]

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Why Software Testing is Key to DevOps

One of the major reasons organizations adopt DevOps practices is to accelerate delivery of software to production. This includes deploying more frequently and reducing lead time. However, many organizations fail to include quality components in their practices. This leads to organizations delivering code faster, but unfortunately, that code is just poor. Continuous deployment without quality […]

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Importance of Testing Frameworks
Software Testing

Appium and Selenium are great tools, which allows interaction with and manipulation of mobile devices. Both are cross-platform tools, meaning they work for automating across multiple devices; Appium for both iOS and Android and Selenium for multiple OS and browser combinations. Appium and Selenium are both built on top of WebDriver, similar to Protractor, and […]

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Keeping your Gherkin Language Consistent
Gherkin, the language that Cucumber uses to define tests in plain English

Work with my current client mostly consists of building an automated testing framework, one that utilizes Cucumber, an automated behavioral testing framework, and Gherkin, the language that Cucumber uses to define tests in plain English. The end goal is for the framework to reach a sufficient amount of coverage across the client’s application, so that […]

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DevSecOps: Incorporate Security into DevOps to Reduce Software Risk

By now, most organizations have heard of DevOps, and many have begun to adopt DevOps practices as a key enabler of software delivery. Organizations that employ an agile approach find DevOps practices a natural extension, and DevOps truly enables agile practices to flourish. Organizations typically start with implementing continuous integration, test-driven development, and test automation […]

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Automating Desktop Applications with SikuliX
SikuliX Image Recognition

My current project supports a number of software applications for which we build and maintain automated tests. While most of these applications are web-based (for which we use Selenium WebDriver), we also support a few desktop/rich client applications.  This has exposed the need for a front-end automated test tool that doesn’t rely on DOM based attributes. Our […]

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