Effective agile leadership starts with self-care
Leadership mindfulness

In a recent conversation, Coveros CEO Jeffery Payne sat down with agile leadership expert, coach, and author Bob Galen to discuss how software leaders can help prioritize themselves in order to better serve the teams they lead. Here are some key takeaways from that discussion.

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The key to AppSec is early detection. Are you ready for a security checkup?
Application security checkup

Prevention and detection are key tools in medicine.  Stopping a serious illness from growing worse is easier when doctors find it early, because it usually saves the money, time, and physical and emotional stress that comes with prolonged illness and aggressive treatment.  There’s no comparison between the personal impact a serious illness has on patients […]

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3 Big Challenges to DevOps Test Automation—And How to Overcome Them
DevOps Engineer

As organizations look to implement or expand their DevOps activities, test automation is a key tool to consider in improving your pipeline and process.  Maybe automation is something your organization has looked at but isn’t necessarily sold on?  In a new on-demand webinar, Coveros CEO Jeff Payne points to the Google Cloud/DORA State of DevOps […]

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