Flashback Friday

In this #FlashbackFriday post, Coveros team members look back to where they were in 2001 at the inception of the Agile Manifesto.

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Software Testing and Agile

In Celebration of Agile’s 20th Anniversary, Executive Vice President Mike Sowers reflects on how software testing and testing professionals have been influenced by agile principles and practices.

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No Retros | DevSecOps Anti-Patterns

Owen Gotimer Hello everyone. My name is Owen Gotimer. I’m the community manager at TechWell. I’m joined today by Tom Stiehm the CTO at Coveros. Tom, thanks for joining me today. Tom Stiehm Thanks for having me. Owen Gotimer So the anti-pattern we’re going to talk about is no retros. Tom Stiehm So what happens […]

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