3 Telltale Signs You’re Scaling Agile Too Quickly

When an organization grows quickly, it puts stress on people, processes, and customers. Burnout happens, things fall through the cracks, and defects creep in. Unfortunately, many organizations try to scale agile too quickly, and that often leads to failure. Here are three of the telltale signs you’re scaling too fast.

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On Wednesdays We Practice Correct Agile Testing

Although in recent years there has been an exponential increase in companies and development teams applying Agile methodologies, testing still seems to be lagging behind with most companies thinking they are doing Agile testing but in fact still using the waterfall method. Some of the biggest issues in Agile Testing were brought to light in […]

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The Agile Manifesto Principles: Maximizing through Simplicity

Ryan Kenney, senior consultant at Coveros, chats with TechWell Community Manager Owen Gotimer about the Agile Manifesto principle of simplicity: “Simplicity—the art of maximizing the amount of work not done—is essential.” Continue the conversation with Ryan and Owen on the TechWell Hub Originally published on AgileConnection.

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The Agile Manifesto Principles: Deliver Working Software
A man talks to a woman in front of a Scrum board

Bob Foster, technical manager at Coveros, chats with TechWell community manager Owen Gotimer about the Agile Manifesto principle of delivering working software: “Working software is the primary measure of progress.” Continue the conversation with Bob and Owen on the TechWell Hub. Originally posted on AgileConnection.

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What is agile, part 3
an agile development team

For part 2: https://www.coveros.com/what-is-agile-part-2/ For part 1: https://www.coveros.com/what-is-agile-part-1/ Where I have seen agile implemented properly, practices were followed that were non-intuitive but effective.  A couple examples will help: It is a known statistic (2015 Chaos report) that the smaller the project, the higher the likelihood of success – by a significant margin.  ” It was […]

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STARCANADA 2019 Preview: Document Generation for Regulated Industries

Are you someone working within a regulated industry that has extensive documentation requirements? Or does your company or client insist that you adhere to a documentation-heavy process? Although you may be thinking that the agile ideal that you have been striving for is now just a pipe dream, fear not! If you’ll be at STARCANADA […]

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