Dependency Checking Your Ruby Application

Dependency Checking Your Ruby Application Checking your application’s dependencies for known vulnerabilities is a critical, relatively low effort step you should take to secure your application, which you may have read about in another recent article: What is SCA? Compared to the wealth of tools used for dependency checking in, for example JavaScript,  there’s not […]

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Publishing to GitHub Packages

At Coveros, we have an internal initiative — Codeveros — responsible for creating and maintaining a reference application used by our training courses. Also, we use it for evaluating new tools and technologies and for any other purpose where an application or source code is needed. Codeveros Overview At its core, it is a microservice […]

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Documentation in Agile

Documentation in Agile is one of the most misunderstood aspects of the methodology. It is a common belief that those in an Agile workspace do not document or cannot fit documentation guidelines into the framework. This is (of course) false. When implemented correctly Documentation in Agile is not only possible, it thrives. To begin let’s […]

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Building a Node.js REST Microservice: Part Three

Introduction This is the third part in a series of tutorials focused on the process of creating, deploying, and consuming a Node.js REST microservices. In part one, I walked through the initial creation process and laid out the path forward. In part two, I connected the Node.js app to a database, and updated the routes […]

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