Code Analysis with PMD

PMD is a static code analysis tool that examines Java source files and can detect potential problems such as code style issues, code defects, race conditions and even security holes. It provides an inexpensive way to avoid the tedium of repeatedly reviewing a large code base. PMD can also find other types of problems, such as, dead […]

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Introducing SecureCI

SecureCI is an open-source continuous integration solution. We’ve assembled a number of open-source tools that we use, installed them in a VMware image and configured them to work together. SecureCI is packaged as a virtual machine that can be run with the VMware Player that way you can be up and running in minutes without […]

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Hierarchy for Ant build properties

When I first start a new Java project, one of the first things I set up is a skeleton Ant build.xml file. I try to set it up so that a new developer on the project should be able to checkout and compile with no configuration. At least that’s the goal. That means setting up some reasonable […]

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