3 Big Challenges to DevOps Test Automation—And How to Overcome Them
DevOps Engineer

As organizations look to implement or expand their DevOps activities, test automation is a key tool to consider in improving your pipeline and process.  Maybe automation is something your organization has looked at but isn’t necessarily sold on?  In a new on-demand webinar, Coveros CEO Jeff Payne points to the Google Cloud/DORA State of DevOps […]

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Continuous Build | DevSecOps Anti-Patterns
construction workers building a structure

Owen Gotimer Hello everyone. My name is Owen Gotimer. I’m the community manager at TechWell. I’m joined today by Tom Stiehm the CTO at Coveros. Tom, thanks for joining me today. Tom Stiehm Thanks for having me. Owen Gotimer Tom, we’re gonna chat about some DevOps and DevSecOps anti-patterns. Do you want to give a […]

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Dependency Checking Your Ruby Application

Dependency Checking Your Ruby Application Checking your application’s dependencies for known vulnerabilities is a critical, relatively low effort step you should take to secure your application, which you may have read about in another recent article: What is SCA? Compared to the wealth of tools used for dependency checking in, for example JavaScript,  there’s not […]

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DevOps Pipeline Quality Gates – A Double Edged Sword

There has been much discussion about the many benefits of “moving testing left,” and our experts will tell you that doing so by having automated testing (Quality Gates) integrated into your build pipelines is a critical success factor for the rapid build and deploy process automation necessary to truly reap the benefits of Agile. That […]

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6 Signs Your Agile Project Isn’t Really Agile

More and more organizations are adopting agile software development processes and practices. But in many cases, these organizations have declared they are agile without actually changing how they develop software. Declaring that an apple is an orange doesn’t make it so. These six key indicators can help you determine whether your agile project isn’t really […]

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Picking the Right Branch-Merge Strategy

To succeed with distributed rapid development, a branch-merge strategy is key. A good strategy facilitates processes among multiple developers or teams and is the basis for any well-functioning DevOps pipeline that uses continuous integration (CI). While there are many ways to implement CI and DevOps without a branch-merge strategy, most mature organizations use them to […]

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SSL on Nexus 3

Setting up SSL with Nexus Repository Manager 3 on Windows I wanted to install Nexus Repository Manager 3 and serve traffic over HTTPS, but I ran into some issues. I wanted to share some lessons learned and help people avoid the problems I had. If you are like me, SSL certificate management can be daunting. […]

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Testing Your DevOps Is Just as Important as Testing Your Software

Long gone are the days of waterfall software development. The agile movement has brought common-sense software development principles to nearly every corner of the world and changed the way we look at software. This philosophy left marks on how we look at our infrastructure, too. With agile came DevOps and the idea to bring together […]

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