STARCANADA 2019 Preview: Document Generation for Regulated Industries

Are you someone working within a regulated industry that has extensive documentation requirements? Or does your company or client insist that you adhere to a documentation-heavy process? Although you may be thinking that the agile ideal that you have been striving for is now just a pipe dream, fear not! If you’ll be at STARCANADA […]

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Lightweight Text Editors — Ignite Talk

In my latest Ignite Talk, I (quickly) discuss some lightweight text editors. There are appearances from Visual Studio Code, of course Vim, and some others. Given this is an Ignite Talk, I don’t get to cover any one editor in depth. An Ignite Talk consists of 20 slides auto-advancing every 15 seconds. This was given […]

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Signs Your Agile Adoption is Off Track – And How To Fix It

At The Agile Development Conference West in 2012, Tom Stiehm presented “Signs Your Agile Adoption is Off Track (And How To Fix It).” Adopting agile is often a difficult proposition with many variables and sometimes uneven results. Recognizing when your adoption isn’t working well and taking pro-active actions to put it back on track are […]

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