I was lucky enough to speak at AgileDC 2017 and present my experience report on the Agile DevOps Transformation I have been a part of at Housing and Urban Development. In this presentation, I go over the theories of DevOps, how we intended to put these theories into practice, and how we actually put these theories into practice. One of the most difficult things about this transformation was getting buy-in from the development teams that DevOps works, and to embrace the DevOps culture. One key point that allowed us to be successful was to engage with the development teams to automate their build, deploy, and testing process each step of the way. I also discuss our technology stack (which includes, but is not limited to. Jenkins, Sonatype Nexus, SonarQube, and Chef) and just how we used these tools to make help transform HUD.

If there are any questions about this presentation, how we got developer buy-in, or how we leveraged these technologies, please leave a comment or send me an email (marco.corona@coveros.com)!

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