2017 Q1 SecureCI™ Release

I know what you’re thinking…what happened to the 2016 release? Well, 2016 was an interesting year, and unfortunately we weren’t able to get out a mid-year release, and our Q4 release got pushed to Q1 of this year. But, finally, an updated version of SecureCI™ is here! So, what can you expect from this release? Upgrades First and […]

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Filling out your CI Pipeline for Your PHP Project

Last month I started writing about the DevOps pipeline that I built out for a PHP project. Today I plan on filling it out a bit more. What I described last week is what many people consider a full CI Pipeline, executing unit tests, code coverage, and static analysis. I threw in a little more […]

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Starting A CI Pipeline For Your PHP Project

I recently was put on a project where we are doing development for a website. There was already a large code, and we went in to add features in order to complete the site, and perform code refactoring when necessary. In order to accomplish this successfully, we decided to follow the SecureAgileTM, which involves ensuring […]

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DevOpsDC: Developing a Continuous Delivery Tool Chain from the Bottom Up

Last week I was able to talk about some of my DevOps experiences at the March 2015 DevOpsDC Meetup. I told the story about how we took a project that was just starting Agile and was deploying a risky release to production every 6 months or so, and over 4+ years brought it to deploying […]

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Running a free copy of SecureCI in the Amazon cloud

Coveros has been offering downloadable copies of our integrated SecureCI™ platform as a VMware™ virtual machine image for quite a while now. SecureCI is an integrated stack of tools that provides version control, wiki, project/issue management, and code analysis to enable the development of high quality, secure applications. For more information about the history of SecureCI, read Gene […]

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Introducing SecureCI

SecureCI is an open-source continuous integration solution. We’ve assembled a number of open-source tools that we use, installed them in a VMware image and configured them to work together. SecureCI is packaged as a virtual machine that can be run with the VMware Player that way you can be up and running in minutes without […]

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