DevOps in a Regulated and Embedded Environment: What’s the Problem?

Welcome to the first part of an ongoing series I’m calling DevOps in a Regulated and Embedded Environment. This first part looks at the particular challenges posed by a particular embedded environment. Future posts will dig into the details of how the more interesting problems were solved and what we should have done differently given […]

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Setting up OpenLDAP

I recently needed to setup OpenLDAP for a client. We setup an entire pipeline, similar to SecureCI and wanted to tie all of the tools into one login system. The installation was pretty straitforward, but we wanted to ensure our tooling stack was secured, so we moved a bit beyond the basics. This is all […]

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Configuring Gitblit post-commit hooks over SSL

I have now twice spent multiple days trying to get a Gitblit server to communicate with a Jenkins server over SSH. This was done as part of ongoing work to update the Coveros SecureCI product with the goal of properly configuring both tools and a self-signed certificate to enable Gitblit’s post-commit jenkins hook to trigger builds. Given that […]

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DevOps Advantages for Testing: Increasing Quality through Continuous Delivery

Gene Gotimer and Tom Stiehm were published again in CrossTalk Magazine, The Journal of Defense Software Engineering, this time in the May/June 2016 edition. DevOps and continuous delivery can improve software quality and reduce risk by offering opportunities for testing and some non-obvious benefits to the software development cycle. By taking advantage of cloud computing […]

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Completing your CD Pipeline for your PHP Project

On my last two posts I went through setting up CI for your PHP project. As promised, this post will walk through the CD pipeline that I setup for the project. The Continuous Integration jobs were a good start, but I wanted to throw in additional testing, on architecture that better mimics production. I created two additional […]

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Including Swagger Docs into your DevOps Pipeline

On my last two posts I went through setting up CI for your PHP project. While I promised this post would cover setting up CD for your pipeline, I realized that I left out a fairly useful (but in my mind unique) part of the process. Our PHP application is using Laravel as the back […]

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Organizational Structures for DevOps

Bringing in DevOps to an organization means making some changes to the culture and structure of teams and the organization. These changes are often disruptive and frequently meet with some resistance from leadership, teams, and individuals. A successful DevOps team is cross-functional, with members that represent the business, development, quality assurance, operations, and anyone else […]

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Filling out your CI Pipeline for Your PHP Project

Last month I started writing about the DevOps pipeline that I built out for a PHP project. Today I plan on filling it out a bit more. What I described last week is what many people consider a full CI Pipeline, executing unit tests, code coverage, and static analysis. I threw in a little more […]

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Starting A CI Pipeline For Your PHP Project

I recently was put on a project where we are doing development for a website. There was already a large code, and we went in to add features in order to complete the site, and perform code refactoring when necessary. In order to accomplish this successfully, we decided to follow the SecureAgileTM, which involves ensuring […]

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