The Benefits of Self-directed Teams

When talking about the activities critical to agile success, one often hears about daily huddles, continuous integration, and user acceptance testing, but I’ve found that the agile principle of Self-directed Teams is equally important.  Teams should be allowed to estimate and assign their own work for a variety of reasons: 1) Estimates will be more […]

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The Goal of Mobile Application Testing

I’m often asked what makes mobile testing so different that testing anything else? The simple answer is your goal.  When we test a web application, per say, the goal of our testing is to often ensure that the application fulfills the requirements as directed by the product owner, that it meets any standards set by […]

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Security Testing in an Agile World: An Interview with Jeff Payne

Summary: Jeffrey Payne sat down with Noel Wurst to discuss a range of topics, including advice for teams that are attempting agile for the first time, the importance of clear communication between teams, and the ways that security testing has changed alongside modern technology. Complete Article: Agile Connection May 2 2013 article – Security Testing in […]

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Testing applications and web sites that send email can be difficult. During testing you might generate many email notifications and you don’t want to flood a real mailbox. Or you might not want email from a development system being confused for production email. And especially when using production data during development, you might want to […]

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