Coveros Conversations: Learning Beyond Certification

Coveros Managing Consultant Brian Hicks and Training and Coaching Manager Samantha Jeantel explore what’s involved in getting a course accredited for certification, ways certification benefits individuals and organizations, as well as next steps for hands-on learning after certification.

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Is SAFe® the Right Framework for You

I work with many organizations that are trying valiantly to transition to agile. While it is noble to try to just follow the agile principles and develop your own solution, most understandably find comfort and support in following a well-understood and documented agile framework. But which of the many frameworks do you choose? Scrum? Kanban? […]

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Is Behavior-Driven Development Right for Your Team?
behavior driven development

If you are currently applying agile principles and run into situations where the team’s outcome occasionally deviates from the business needs, you might consider applying Behavior-Driven-Development (BDD). BDD is a mechanism for fostering collaboration and discovery through examples. – Dan North BDD is a way to “shift left” the validation of the work, ensuring it […]

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A Beginner’s Tips for Learning DevOps
A woman mentors another woman while looking at a computer

As a new employee fresh out of college, there’s definitely a learning curve when entering the DevOps world. For me, DevOps was rarely mentioned in school and certainly never in a lecture. It was this mysterious movement sweeping through the technical field: a solution to all of your project’s problems. To me, it was more […]

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What are Jenkins Pipelines and What is a Jenkinsfile?

‘Pipeline as code’ or defining the deployment pipeline through code rather than configuring a running CI/CD tool, provides tremendous benefits for teams automating infrastructure across their environments. One of the most popular ways to implement a pipeline as code is through Jenkins Pipeline. Jenkins, an open source automation server, is used to automate tasks associated […]

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Deploying, Running Applications in Docker Containers

Deploying and running applications in Containers is one of the hottest trends in DevOps and IT today. Docker, a containerization platform that lets users easily package, deploy, and manage their applications within containers, is principally responsible for bringing containers to the mainstream. This article provides information about what containers are, their relationship with DevOps, and […]

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How Do I Choose Mobile Devices for Testing?

One of the most challenging topics we discuss in our Mobile Application Testing training course is how to determine what devices to purchase for testing and how to get the widest device coverage for tests. When thinking through this there are several factors to consider: On what kinds of devices was my app designed to be used? […]

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The “Agile, But…”

For better or worse, the life of a consultant is filled with challenge, politics and a lot of learning. Working with a client that has difficulties solving a problem or has key “processes problems” that will always hinder success is part of the challenge.  In recent years, I’ve seen a new trend in companies and […]

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