Lightweight Text Editors — Ignite Talk

In my latest Ignite Talk, I (quickly) discuss some lightweight text editors. There are appearances from Visual Studio Code, of course Vim, and some others. Given this is an Ignite Talk, I don’t get to cover any one editor in depth. An Ignite Talk consists of 20 slides auto-advancing every 15 seconds. This was given […]

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Finally A Good, Free Sequence Diagram Tool

Sequence Diagrams Often it is helpful to visualize a solution before implementing it. Diagrams in general help simplify a complicated system to make it easier to understand at a high level. One specific way you might accomplish this is with a sequence diagram. A sequence diagram shows how pieces of a system interact and in […]

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Unity3D and First Class Cloud Build Support

Unity3D, the popular game development platform, began offering a ton of services a while back, but a lot of independent developers I’ve met haven’t used them. This makes sense, as integrating things like Ads and Analytics probably won’t become relevant in small projects until the second 90%. However, one service that everyone should make use […]

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