Leveraging Kubernetes as a Tester

With the advent of agile and DevOps, organizations are moving from specialized roles to cross-functional teams—and that means cross-functional sharing of the specialized tools used in each silo. So it’s not unreasonable for a tester to need access to the tools used in those other silos, such as Kubernetes. Kubernetes is a scalable, production-grade container […]

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Using Different Virtualization Tools to Create Disposable Environments

     Virtualization is a key component to building, testing and deploying software. In my experience, customers often struggle to test their application when their production and non-production systems vary. Customers also tend to spend too much time building test environments to match their production.      In the past, developers would use VirtualBox to […]

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Using Docker to Increase Confidence in Your Products and Deployments

Hey DevOps Engineers, Docker is ready! I started getting into Docker just under a year ago. It obviously had promise, but I couldn’t find many people using it successfully.  Since then Docker has matured, and I’ve been recommending it to everyone doing CI/CD web-services. When the IT services industry first went to the dynamic virtual […]

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