How Do I Choose Mobile Devices for Testing?

One of the most challenging topics we discuss in our Mobile Application Testing training course is how to determine what devices to purchase for testing and how to get the widest device coverage for tests. When thinking through this there are several factors to consider: On what kinds of devices was my app designed to be used? […]

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Using the Page Object Model Pattern for Selenium Tests

Recently I have been researching better ways to write my Selenium tests as they have become rather hard to maintain. One pattern that I have found immensely useful is the Page Object Model (POM). In this blog post I will talk about what makes the POM a good pattern and show a simple framework I put […]

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Configuring Gitblit post-commit hooks over SSL

I have now twice spent multiple days trying to get a Gitblit server to communicate with a Jenkins server over SSH. This was done as part of ongoing work to update the Coveros SecureCI product with the goal of properly configuring both tools and a self-signed certificate to enable Gitblit’s post-commit jenkins hook to trigger builds. Given that […]

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