Application Security Review Process – A Case Study
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What is application security, or AppSec? Let’s talk about web application security first. OWASP was created in 2001 and has been known as the best community for web application security. Volumes of online resources for web application security defects, security testing, and security projects have been produced by OWASP. Yet web application security is only […]

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Shifting Security Left: The Innovation of DevSecOps

Application security, or AppSec, is hard. For development teams, it often comes into development late in a release cycle and demands changes to the software that seem unreasonable. For the AppSec team, being introduced to a project after the application has been designed and much of the code has been written means there will be […]

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Why Software Testing is Key to DevOps

One of the major reasons organizations adopt DevOps practices is to accelerate delivery of software to production. This includes deploying more frequently and reducing lead time. However, many organizations fail to include quality components in their practices. This leads to organizations delivering code faster, but unfortunately, that code is just poor. Continuous deployment without quality […]

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