In 15 years of technical recruiting, I have spoken to thousands of candidates. One of my favorite parts of an interview is learning what a candidate seeks in an ideal career opportunity.

Often, I speak to individuals who value training and prioritize continuous learning. Technology changes rapidly and technologists seek to understand trends and apply them in their work. Some may even specify the opportunity to work with a new tool or two as an immediate ideal. Other candidates express the desire to be part of a collaborative team, to have an established mentor, to solve challenging problems, or to realize a balance between life and work. 

While there are common themes across the body of candidates, the weight and combination of priorities varies by individual. Rarely are the needs or desires of two candidates identical.

It is my role as a recruiter to understand the vision of each candidate and to determine how a career with a boutique consulting firm like Coveros will help that vision materialize long-term. Most often that process starts by sharing with a candidate what a boutique consultancy is and what it offers. 

What is a Boutique Consulting Firm?

Consultancies address specific problems and provide focused advice to their clients. Boutique consultancies tend to be smaller in size and highly specialized and responsive when solving problems. And, although specialized, boutique practitioners often support a wide range of industries and clients over time.

Coveros consultants work on an array of projects and provide engineering expertise to software product firms, insurance companies, systems integrators, global consulting firms, local and federal governments, and more. As experts in test automation, agile development, DevOps, and DevSecOps, our engineers influence client organizations to accelerate quality software development through a combination of hands-on work, coaching, and mentoring. 

Beyond enjoying broad exposure and varied projects, boutique consulting careers provide opportunities to use the latest technologies and trends in a field. While larger organizations may prescribe internal technologies for their employees, they routinely turn to external consultants for thought leadership to move forward in specific areas. Coveros practitioners understand and introduce new tools, methods, and processes that add organizational value by upskilling client teams as we collaborate and develop great solutions.

Career Options at a Boutique Consultancy

Additional opportunities exist for practitioners to impact a boutique consultancy itself. Hands-on consulting does not need to be one-sided.

For innovative engineers with entrepreneurial natures, joining a consultancy like Coveros may offer the opportunity to create and own new solutions offerings. When you contribute to expanding a consultancy’s services portfolio, invaluable business management experience follows. Candidates looking to marry their technical and entrepreneurial interests within an established organization realize an excellent career option when joining a boutique consulting firm.

Others, however, may pursue the development of subject matter expertise that moves them forward to practice leadership and technical management. With the organizational obstacles of larger firms eliminated, the boutique consultancy facilitates swifter access to decision makers and encourages ownership of key customer relationships. Joining a boutique consultancy provides an accelerated career path for consultants who desire such.

Why Coveros

For Coveros’ clients, our practitioners expedite the delivery of secure, quality software. For our employees, collaboration and teamwork characterize the core of each client engagement. The culture of consulting embraces constant learning and encourages you to stay informed about technological advances and new tools. When Coveros consultants apply learning to solve real problems, they gain knowledge to build and grow their careers. Whether or not your ideal career favors entrepreneurship and innovation or an acceleration to leadership, a consulting career provides an ideal platform for problem solving professionals. 

Intrigued? We’re growing and are looking for talented computer engineers and developers who share our passion. Explore our current openings at, and then reach out to me on LinkedIn to learn more about a consulting career at Coveros.

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