New Testing Framework Release

After much work, I have finally gotten a new release out of the STF. Now we’re up to version 1.4.0. The full project is now available on github, but if you are just looking to update your jar from the previous version, you can find that here. The file structure has changed some to better […]

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Common ivysettings.xml file

Ivysettings.xml In my last project I was introduced to Ivy and Ant working together to handle library dependencies. Since Ant does not have a native automatic dependency resolution built in, we had to incorporate Ivy into the picture to manage all the necessary files for the code to compile. If you want to read more […]

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Hierarchy for Ant build properties

When I first start a new Java project, one of the first things I set up is a skeleton Ant build.xml file. I try to set it up so that a new developer on the project should be able to checkout and compile with no configuration. At least that’s the goal. That means setting up some […]

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