Making Agile Coaching Successful for Your Organization
A man talks to a woman in front of a Scrum board

Successful agile coaching requires a combination of experience, knowledge, and soft skills to help organizations build competence, sustainability, performance, and maturity in their agile practices. And when it comes to coaching, there is a vast difference between knowing and doing. That means not all coaches are created equal. There are a few things you can […]

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6 Signs Your Agile Project Isn’t Really Agile

More and more organizations are adopting agile software development processes and practices. But in many cases, these organizations have declared they are agile without actually changing how they develop software. Declaring that an apple is an orange doesn’t make it so. These six key indicators can help you determine whether your agile project isn’t really […]

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5 Common Pitfalls Agile Coaches Must Avoid

Successful agile teams often have a coach driving continuous improvement. While some coaches are effective initially, many eventually succumb to pitfalls that inhibit their team’s growth and fail to compel any lasting changes. Here are five common pitfalls of agile coaches I see in most projects that fail to improve. 1. Not Applying Agile to […]

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