Of Risks and Retrospectives

In this counter-opinion, Senior Consultant Byron Katz discusses why a lack of action items from an agile team’s retrospective might be a symptom of deeper problems.

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Hiring for Agile Team Members

One of my colleagues recently asked me how I interview people who have agile experience listed on their resume. I gave him some pointers, and it got me started thinking, “How do I interview for Agile experience?”. So building on the thoughts I gave him here is what I do. I start by looking at […]

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Scrum Isn’t the Only Path to Agility

In working with one of the teams at one of my current clients, the team said they didn’t want to do Scrum. At this organization, there is a lot of Scrum. Most of the teams there are Scrum teams. The team in question decided that Scrum wasn’t working for them. They wanted to try something […]

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