DevOps Pipeline Quality Gates – A Double Edged Sword

There has been much discussion about the many benefits of “moving testing left,” and our experts will tell you that doing so by having automated testing (Quality Gates) integrated into your build pipelines is a critical success factor for the rapid build and deploy process automation necessary to truly reap the benefits of Agile. That […]

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Mobile App Security Testing — Remote Authentication Exploit with iGoat

The video below demonstrates how to test a mobile application for remote authentication vulnerabilities. For this demonstration, I used a mobile application called iGoat. iGoat is designed for the iOS platform and functions as a learning tool for iOS developers. iGoat is a safe environment in which iOS developers can gain knowledge about the major […]

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Sonatype’s New Nexus Lifecycle Helps Teams Migrate Open Source Libraries
Sonatype Lifecycle

For a variety of reasons, a lot of companies are moving to an Agile, DevOps Culture, Continuous Integration and Delivery/Deployment (CI/CD) model. These transformations rely on a variety of tools, including open source. A lot of organizations also use open source tools and libraries to develop their applications and in order to ensure security, these […]

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Just Enough Testing at Each Stage of Your Delivery Pipeline

Gene Gotimer just published an article at Techwell Insights discussing how to choose what testing to do in your pipeline and when. Adapting the agile principle of small incremental changes and applying it to rounds of testing, the goal is to do just enough testing at each stage to give you confidence that the next […]

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Holes in Whole Team Quality

The concept of whole team quality is a good one.  Everybody on a project should be responsible for quality.  Unfortunately, there are often holes in our whole team quality approach.  Here are a few I’ve seen: No definition of Done – It’s difficult to achieve quality if you don’t define what it means!  So many […]

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