Hippocratic Oath of Software: Don’t Make It Worse!

Some of you may be familiar with the Hippocratic Oath common in the medical field, often paraphrased as “Do no harm.” In a light-hearted casual conversation with a colleague the other day, I realized that we need a similar oath in the field of software development: “Don’t make it worse.”

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Essential Quantitative DevOps Metrics

Change is never easy. Change is even harder when you’re unsure whether your DevOps implementation is changing your team/application/organization for the better or worse. One of the biggest mistakes organizations make when adopting sweeping process or technology changes is a failing to identify measures to determine whether they are trending in a positive direction and when they […]

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Dashing Dashboard and Showing Off Those Project Metrics

When managers are deciding how to allocate funds and resources on a project, their first request is usually for metrics. With so much data floating around, the message may end up lost, or worse, misinterpreted. Tools such as SonarQube and Jenkins do display such information, but in a way that is often too detailed or […]

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The Most Important Metric for your DevOps Pipeline

Quality feedback is essential to any software delivery project and the best way to improve feedback is to reduce the developer feedback cycle and make any (and every) result transparent to the project, its members and its stakeholders.  You should continue to mesure and broadcast results through communication mechanisms commonly referred to as “information radiators.” […]

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