Making Cucumber Glue Code More Explicit with Transformers

I’ve talked before about how important it is to make your BDD glue code as specific as possible, so that anyone reading your Gherkin, knows exactly what that action is supposed to perform. Even my co-workers have noticed this as a problem, and have suggested implementations to help. In a post several years ago, I […]

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Escaping and Translating Special Characters with XPATH

If you’re here because you now have to fix the method that had this link commented in it, I’m sorry. The Hard-Knocks of XPATH 1.0 Life Work at a current client has led to – for a various amount of restrictions with reasons that I won’t get into – the need for using dynamically generated […]

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Java, SSL, and the unrecognized_name Error

We ran into a problem on my most recent project with a weird error popping up when installing a wildcard SSL cert into an Apache webserver. We had previously been using a self-signed cert and the Java clients attempting to connect to this site had the old self-signed cert installed into their keystores. Once the […]

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Testing Web Services Using STF

Last month I posted about a major update I made for my testing framework. A lot of new functionality was rolled in, and the execution of the tests was significantly cleaned up. My co-worker Marco also merged in some changes, making the project Gradle friendly. The more I use this tooling, the more I like […]

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New Testing Framework Release

After much work, I have finally gotten a new release out of the STF. Now we’re up to version 1.4.0. The full project is now available on github, but if you are just looking to update your jar from the previous version, you can find that here. The file structure has changed some to better […]

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