Red Tape and Federated Users

Background A client recently wanted to move several DevOps and scanning tools into the cloud, to which they were in the process of proving out and transitioning. We had a number of security scanning and static analysis tools, along with corresponding dashboards and a continuous integration server to orchestrate them. All of these tools were […]

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Setting Up A Load Balancer In Azure

Setting up a load balancer in Azure is a simple process, the tricky part is all of the prerequisites and dependencies that need to be met in order for two or more virtual machines to be load balanced. The first and most important dependency is creating an Availability Set for your virtual machines to live […]

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Coveros CTO Tom Stiehm on Implementing Cloud-Based DevOps for distributed Agile projects

Coveros CTO Tom Stiehm is presenting a conference session on Implementing Cloud-Based DevOps for distributed Agile projects at ADCWest / BSCWest in Las Vegas June 5, 2013 Cloud-based development, delivery, and deployment environments are the future of IT operations. Thomas Stiehm shares the hard-learned lessons of setting up and running cloud-based solutions that implement DevOps […]

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