6 Signs Your Agile Project Isn’t Really Agile

More and more organizations are adopting agile software development processes and practices. But in many cases, these organizations have declared they are agile without actually changing how they develop software. Declaring that an apple is an orange doesn’t make it so. These six key indicators can help you determine whether your agile project isn’t really […]

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Deploying, Running Applications in Docker Containers

Deploying and running applications in Containers is one of the hottest trends in DevOps and IT today. Docker, a containerization platform that lets users easily package, deploy, and manage their applications within containers, is principally responsible for bringing containers to the mainstream. This article provides information about what containers are, their relationship with DevOps, and […]

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Essential Quantitative DevOps Metrics

Change is never easy. Change is even harder when you’re unsure whether your DevOps implementation is changing your team/application/organization for the better or worse. One of the biggest mistakes organizations make when adopting sweeping process or technology changes is a failing to identify measures to determine whether they are trending in a positive direction and when they […]

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Dynamic Versioning of Maven POM

In a typical CI/CD pipeline, code is build, code is deployed, code is tested. In our specific scenario the code is built through Jenkins and maven on a Jenkins build slave, then the build artifacts are uploaded to an artifact repository. Through an Infrastructure-as-code tool, like Chef, the code is deployed to a test environment […]

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Just Enough Testing at Each Stage of Your Delivery Pipeline

Gene Gotimer just published an article at Techwell Insights discussing how to choose what testing to do in your pipeline and when. Adapting the agile principle of small incremental changes and applying it to rounds of testing, the goal is to do just enough testing at each stage to give you confidence that the next […]

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The Most Important Metric for your DevOps Pipeline

Quality feedback is essential to any software delivery project and the best way to improve feedback is to reduce the developer feedback cycle and make any (and every) result transparent to the project, its members and its stakeholders.  You should continue to mesure and broadcast results through communication mechanisms commonly referred to as “information radiators.” […]

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DevOpsDC: Developing a Continuous Delivery Tool Chain from the Bottom Up

Last week I was able to talk about some of my DevOps experiences at the March 2015 DevOpsDC Meetup. I told the story about how we took a project that was just starting Agile and was deploying a risky release to production every 6 months or so, and over 4+ years brought it to deploying […]

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Sign Up For Our Webinar : “Engineering Your DevOps Solution: Building a Pipeline that Scales”

Sign up for a free opportunity to hear from DevOps experts at Coveros. March 10th at 12:00pm EDT Jeffery Payne and Richard Mills will lead an interactive session called Engineering Your DevOps Solution: Building a Pipeline that Scales. Learning objectives include how to build a “meta-pipeline,” how to up your automated testing game, how to […]

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The Journey to Continuous Delivery
Continuous Discussions

This past week I had the privilege of being a panelist in a #c9d9 webinar about “The Journey to Continuous Delivery”. Continuous Discussions (#c9d9): Episode 10 Recap – Continuous Delivery I joined several other panelists as we discussed several questions: How Agile are you? Do you have a CD champion? What does your tool chain […]

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A Rif on Knife Scripting Encrypted Databags

My colleague Rich Mills created a great post about a script to get PEM certs into databags. To sum up, the major issue was that the white space was interfering with the knife upload command. The knife script uses the ruby, some chef gems, ruby file manipulation, and the chef api to properly create the […]

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