Parameter Passing in a Build Flow

As a direct followup to my previous post, I thought the discussion of passing parameters in a build flow might be useful. Let’s start with our previous example.  I’ve created a build flow that deploys an application and runs Front-End, Back-End and Integration Tests against that application in parallel.  In addition, we’ve added several features […]

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Using a Build Flow for Deployments and Functional Testing

Jenkins is a powerful tool in your Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery toolbox.  For my last clients over the past several years, we have utilized Jenkins to deploy software and preform automated testing.  One of the most powerful tools I have used to orchestrate deployments and testing has been the Build Flow Plugin.  It has allowed […]

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Using the Build Flow Plugin in Jenkins

With large complex software applications, builds can often be split into different steps and tasks creating a series of jobs for our build pipeline.   On my current project we are utilizing Jenkins to implement Continuous Integration/Continuous Deliver (CI/CD) and between the jobs for compilation, smoke tests, acceptance tests and deployment across environments in several […]

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