Q1 2018 came and went quickly this year, and while I scrambled to get many things done, I did at least manage to push out a new version of Selenified! It’s out on GitHub, up in Maven Central, and also, yes, available on our site. We managed to cram in a bunch of updates and support, but the biggest news is the upgrade from Selenium 2.x to 3.x! Yes, modern versions of Firefox are now supported again! We purposefully held off for Selenium to mature a bit, as Selenium 3 was initially buggy, but once 3.8 was released, I decided it was time to pull the trigger.
Some other things you might notice in this release:

  • Added support for PhantomJS
  • Added support for adding custom headers in API calls
  • Removed dependency on TestNG xml files
  • Taking screenshots while alerts were present is now gracefully handled
  • Fixed typos in README
  • Cleaned up logging
  • Added Jenkins file to support multi-branch testing
  • Cleaned up POM with versioning
  • Locked down permissions on internal Selenified methods
  • Cleaned up duplicate code
  • Updated window/tab/frame functionality
  • Added is/waitFor location methods
  • Fixed NPEs for checking attributes and classes
  • Added findChild method for Elements
  • Fixed capitalization and punctuation in logging
  • Added ability to retrieve programmatically determined xpath for Elements
  • Added ability to run tests using Firefox and Chrome headlessly

Expect to see lots of upcoming posts over the next month or so, except with more of details on how to utilize and implement these new features. The nice thing is, you can update your POM or build tool to point to the latest release, and everything is backwards compatible. No other work needed on your end!

Happy Testing!

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