Failure is Feedback: Unit Testing

“Failure is Feedback and Feedback is the breakfast of Champions” – fortune cookie Introduction This is the second blog in a series focused on software tools, processes and principles behind receiving feedback. In my first blog I discussed the importance of receiving feedback early and often throughout the software development lifecycle. Feedback is essential in […]

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5 Tips to Turn Recorded JMeter Scripts into Reusable Tests

Load and performance issues can be difficult to resolve when found late in the software development lifecycle, yet teams still often wait until the last minute to performance test their applications. This can be costly, especially if the problem ends up being an issue with the overall architecture of the application. Load and performance testing […]

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The Agile Manifesto Principles: Deliver Working Software
A man talks to a woman in front of a Scrum board

Bob Foster, technical manager at Coveros, chats with TechWell community manager Owen Gotimer about the Agile Manifesto principle of delivering working software: “Working software is the primary measure of progress.” Continue the conversation with Bob and Owen on the TechWell Hub. Originally posted on AgileConnection.

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Ansible privilege escalation using ‘sudo su -‘
Privilege Escalation

Recently I wrote an Ansible playbook to extract data from an Informatica PowerCenter repository. The data was then compressed and uploaded into Nexus Repository Manager. I used the command line utility, pmrep, to execute the commands needed to connect to the Informatica repository and to extract the data. A specific Informatica user had been given […]

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Failure is Feedback

“Failure is Feedback and Feedback is the breakfast of Champions” – fortune cookie Most everyone would agree that feedback is an essential ingredient to successful delivery. Feedback helps you to improve, whether you are a cashier, a coach, a teacher, or part of a software development team. So why is it so hard to accept […]

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