Functional Testing != Layout Testing

Through my work as a test automation consultant, I hear from a lot of people, teams, and organizations about how test automation is not working. Across the industry, this is true, as stats point to about only 20% of tests being automated. This is pretty interesting (and bleak), seeing as test automation has been around […]

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Test Like a Scientist

I was reading the other day, and happened to come to a section of my book discussing the scientific method. While I grew up with a heavy background of math and science, and am familiar with the scientific method, it had been awhile since I’d thought about it at all. It was interesting to hear […]

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Don’t Let Too Little Planning Tank Your Agile Adoption

One of the most prevalent misconceptions I hear from organizations struggling with agile adoption is about planning. Many organizations turning to agile believe it means avoiding planning — it’s a common stance for those who have never truly experienced being on a highly functioning agile team. This couldn’t be further from the truth. A healthy […]

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