Understanding the Scrum Master’s Role in Team Communication

A common misunderstanding among those new to agile is exactly what the role of the scrum master is on the team. I have often heard the phrases: “I didn’t sign up to be a scrum master; it’s not my job to talk to the product owner” or “I’m not the scrum master; I don’t like […]

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Breathing Life into Your Daily Standup

Everywhere I go, everyone seems to agree that the Daily Scrum should not be a status meeting. However, a consistent complaint I hear is, “our daily standup has become a status meeting.” How did we get here? Part of the problem is the typical guidance given to Scrum Masters about facilitating this meeting. This guidance […]

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Hiring for Agile Team Members

One of my colleagues recently asked me how I interview people who have agile experience listed on their resume. I gave him some pointers, and it got me started thinking, “How do I interview for Agile experience?”. So building on the thoughts I gave him here is what I do. I start by looking at […]

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