3 Tactics to Stay Productive with an Agile Schedule

When everything is agile, it can be difficult to stay productive. Changing requirements and priorities often necessitate task switching, which takes a toll on your concentration, accuracy, and efficiency. This gets more complicated when your schedule is also agile. The usual productivity tips apply best to those working in a typical office with typical hours. What […]

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Using JRebel to Improve Developer Productivity

On our current project, we are using a JBoss application server to host the services that the application needs to function.  This application server takes about 1.5 minutes to start.  This means that after a developer makes a change to the code, they must wait at least this long (in addition to the amount of […]

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SourceTree is Awesome!

SourceTree is Awesome! SourceTree is a completely free Git client that is supported by Windows as well as the Mac platform. It features an appealing visual interface between users and Git which can be seen in the below image. I have been using it for about a month now and I have fallen in love with […]

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