3 Tactics to Stay Productive with an Agile Schedule

When everything is agile, it can be difficult to stay productive. Changing requirements and priorities often necessitate task switching, which takes a toll on your concentration, accuracy, and efficiency. This gets more complicated when your schedule is also agile. The usual productivity tips apply best to those working in a typical office with typical hours. What […]

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Career Options for Testers in the Age of Agile and DevOps
Team of business professional looking at laptop

I’m often asked about the future of the testing role. Should I change my career direction? What’s in store for testing roles? Will there be a need for quality and testing expertise in the future? As a quality engineer, or tester, or testing leader, where do I go from here? No one has a crystal […]

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Growing Generalized Specialists on an Agile Team

It’s difficult for an agile team comprised solely of specialists to be fully productive. If team members are unable to help others with their tasks, the team will not maximize its potential. The agile community calls team members who are capable of working in a variety of roles generalized specialists. A generalized specialist is not […]

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