Selecting the Right Agile Framework

Scrum. Kanban. Lean. XP. SAFe. RUP. Scrum of Scrums. There are many frameworks available to organizations that are maturing their agile software development process. However, the use of some frameworks can help reinforce agile behaviors, while others can be degenerative and actually drive an organization to revert to more waterfall-like software development. The choice of […]

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Custom Framework Listeners

In my past articles I’ve written about using custom listeners as part of getting desired reporting, or making your tests do what you want. I’ve always referred offhandedly to these listeners, never paying them direct attention. I figured it was finally time to actually write a full fledged post about listeners, and some useful tricks. What is a […]

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Importance of Testing Frameworks
Software Testing

Appium and Selenium are great tools, which allows interaction with and manipulation of mobile devices. Both are cross-platform tools, meaning they work for automating across multiple devices; Appium for both iOS and Android and Selenium for multiple OS and browser combinations. Appium and Selenium are both built on top of WebDriver, similar to Protractor, and […]

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