Java, SSL, and the unrecognized_name Error

We ran into a problem on my most recent project with a weird error popping up when installing a wildcard SSL cert into an Apache webserver. We had previously been using a self-signed cert and the Java clients attempting to connect to this site had the old self-signed cert installed into their keystores. Once the […]

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Setting up OpenLDAP

I recently needed to setup OpenLDAP for a client. We setup an entire pipeline, similar to SecureCI and wanted to tie all of the tools into one login system. The installation was pretty straitforward, but we wanted to ensure our tooling stack was secured, so we moved a bit beyond the basics. This is all […]

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Including Swagger Docs into your DevOps Pipeline

On my last two posts I went through setting up CI for your PHP project. While I promised this post would cover setting up CD for your pipeline, I realized that I left out a fairly useful (but in my mind unique) part of the process. Our PHP application is using Laravel as the back […]

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