2018 keeps moving along whether we are prepared for it or not. Now that it’s halfway over, you have another Selenified release to enjoy! The not so long awaited 3.0.2 release is out! It’s out on GitHub, up in Maven Central, and also, yes, available on our site. We fixed a few bugs and updated some tooling and dependencies without deprecating any existing functionality.

Some highlights in this release:

  • Converted wait statements to use implicit waits
  • Added ability to specify screen size via command line options
  • Added ability to set multiple browser options via command line options
  • Improved parent/child relationship defined for Element object
  • New ‘draw’ method added for Element objects
  • Added new screenshot capabilities for Element objects
  • Additional checks for enabled / not enabled added for Element objects
  • SauceLabs results now automatically updated on test completion
  • Setup instructions updated

Expect to see many posts over the next month or so with more details on how to utilize and implement these new features. The nice thing is that you can update your POM or build tool to point to the latest release and all of your existing tests are backwards compatible. No other work is needed on your end!

Happy Testing!

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