Importance of Testing Frameworks
Software Testing

Appium and Selenium are great tools, which allows interaction with and manipulation of mobile devices. Both are cross-platform tools, meaning they work for automating across multiple devices; Appium for both iOS and Android and Selenium for multiple OS and browser combinations. Appium and Selenium are both built on top of WebDriver, similar to Protractor, and […]

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Getting Started with Selenified

Selenified is an open source testing framework optimized for automating front-end UI and API testing. With many improvements being made in the last few months, Selenified is now available on Maven Central to be dropped in to any project. Here’s a quick guide on how to get started writing and running tests with Selenified. The main […]

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How to Write Page Object Model Tests using Selenified
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In this previous post, my colleague discussed the benefits of using the Page Object Model Pattern to write your automated tests. In this video blog, I’ll show you some examples of how to write POM tests using the latest release of Selenified (3.0). Additional Thoughts Because Selenified supports parallel test execution, it’s important to ensure tests have […]

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Selenified and Web Services: Moving Beyond the Browser

Selenified was released with the idea to make browser testing easier. Selenified = Selenium Simplified. That said, not all testing is done within the browser. Not only can it not all be done there, but even if it could, it shouldn’t. For this reason, Selenified also allows for simple testing of other interfaces. Web Services […]

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Introducing Selenified

Selenified is the re-branded, updated, and patched software version of the software previously called the SecureCI™ Testing Framework. The Selenified Test Framework provides mechanisms for simply testing applications at multiple tiers while easily integrating into DevOps build environments. Selenified provides traceable reporting for both web and API testing, wraps and extends Selenium calls to more […]

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Automated Test Case Best Practices

I frequently talk about best practices when writing test cases in the Mobile Application Testing Course that I teach. I recently ran into an issue on a project and figured it was worth throwing this information out for all to share. Test cases are great; obviously, they’re important to have, whether they’re automated or manual, as […]

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