DevOps in the Trenches: Get Started with Metrics

While it is nice when an enterprise recognizes the value of getting everyone working together in an end-to-end value stream, the reality is that’s not where most DevOps initiatives start. Often, one particular silo decides there is value in working more closely with others and seeks ways to do so. I call this “DevOps in […]

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Rethinking Your Measurement and Metrics for Agile and DevOps

One of the key conversations organizations and teams forget about in their transition to agile and DevOps is updating their measurement and metrics plan. Many companies are still using measurements and metrics from the traditional waterfall software development lifecycle. While some of these remain useful, many may not provide value to the team or organization—and […]

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The Metrics behind High-Performing DevOps Organizations

The 2019 Accelerate State of DevOps report was recently released. This annual research compilation is a great resource to see what’s going on in the world of agile and DevOps. The report evaluates organizations against five key metrics, collectively called software delivery and operational performance metrics: Lead time for changes: How long does it take for a […]

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