Creating ‘QA Friendly’ Machines in a Dynamic Environment

I’m currently working on a DevOps project, heavily centered around AWS GovCloud. It’s important to point out I’m working in GovCloud, as opposed to AWS, as this means several key tools are missing. My colleague, Alan Crouch, recently pointed out how NAT Gateways are missing from the offered infrastructure. Another tool we found missing was Route 53, […]

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Creating a NAT Gateway in AWS GovCloud

As the Federal Government looks to adopt cloud services from Amazon Web Services, many agencies are looking to AWS GovCloud to be that provider because services have been accredited by the FedRAMP program. While this is a far better pill to swallow for security programs, it’s somewhat more of a headache for most developers and […]

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Migrating S3 Buckets from AWS to GovCloud

Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) is a handy tool for online file storage that is often used when setting up VMs. While transferring data between availability zones in Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a trivial task, transferring S3 buckets from AWS to AWS GovCloud requires a greater challenge. In order to start, you’ll need a […]

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