Compatibility Testing – Local Simulation Tricks For Mobile Web Applications

Introduction After giving a talk last week with Sauce Labs about compatibility testing for mobile web apps, I got several questions about simulation using Selenium Webdriver. I had written back in June about compatibility testing using Selenium IDE, but the talk expanded on this concept, allowing tests run in client languages to perform similar actions. […]

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Compatibility Testing Webinar

Introduction A few months, I wrote a blog post about performing compatibility testing for mobile web apps. Since that time, I have been talking with Sauce Labs about putting together a webinar focusing on locally debugging and executing compatibility testing that will eventually be run in the cloud. And that time is finally almost upon us! You […]

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Compatibility For Mobile Web Apps

Introduction One major problem with writing a good mobile web app, is that it needs to run over ALL of the devices out there. While there a plenty of hacks to get your mobile site to only load/respond on certain device, it’s generally frowned upon, and not best practice. There are multiple ways to set […]

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