Running Android Tests in Docker

As part of the project I’m currently engaged on, my team is writing automated tests for an application which has a web interface, and also 2 mobile apps, one for Android, and one for iOS. As part of the project, we’ve built a test automation pipeline which runs our tests against our application to ensure […]

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Security vs Functionality in Android Marshmallow: Locked Screen Apps
Security Scanning

The ability to display widgets within the locked screen was present through Android KitKat. Sadly, this useful feature is not in the latest Android OS. Security and functionality have always had a tenuous relationship. In order to be absolutely functional, a system must allow everything. To make a system truly secure, it must allow nothing. […]

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Analyzing Data On Android Devices

Introduction I just finished giving my talk at StarEast about testing on a rooted device, and it went wonderfully. The room wasn’t packed, but the people who were there were the correct people…and that is what I really care about. We covered a good overview of what elevated privileges means for each device, discussed multiple […]

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Testing On A Rooted Device

Introduction TechWell’s STAREAST is just 2 weeks away. Among other things, I’ll be talking about testing on a rooted device, specifically, what are the benefits, and what are some tools that can help you out. One of the things I WON’T be covering is how to root the physical device. Disappointing, I know, but due […]

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Why Test on Different Networks – Proprietary Data

Introduction Back in October I wrote a post about testing your mobile application on different networks and I promised a few follow-up articles. Unfortunately, I have been sidetrack with a lot of other work, and finally I have some time to get back to addressing this issue. This article will go over some results of […]

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