Software Security

In today’s world, your mission-critical software cannot be successful unless security is built in. Your organization’s applications are constantly under threat of being exploited by nation states, hackers and even competitors. Your intellectual property, clients’ privacy, and the services your applications provide need to be protected. We can provide your organization with a blend of experts in the security field who can help you find threats and vulnerabilities, help your developers build more secure software, help your testers find vulnerabilities before it makes it to production, and help your organization apply security throughout the SDLC.

Software Security Services

  • Abuse Cases
  • Security Requirements
  • Threat Modeling and Risk Analysis
  • Code Review
  • Penetration Testing and Security Testing
  • Operational Security
  • Information Security Policy Development
  • Vulnerability Remediation

Don’t let security set you back! We can provide proven security experts and a proven software security framework to help you reduce risk, cost and build more secure software.