The Secure Open Source Continuous Integration Solution

SecureCI LogoA critical component in accelerating your software development time to market is the automation of your software build, test, and deploy process. Today software that performs these functions is collectively called Continuous Integration and allows organizations to move toward a more continuous build, test, deploy software process while providing real-time feedback on software quality and security. Unfortunately, a variety of tools needs to be installed, configured, and integrated to support a complete continuous integration solution. In addition, commercial versions of these tools are costly, significantly increasing the cost of entry for those who wish to move toward an accelerated software delivery capability.  Coveros has solved these issues through the development of SecureCI™. SecureCI™ is the industry’s first and only open-source continuous integration solution. By leveraging best of class open source products for source code control, build management, automated testing, security analysis, defect tracking, and project management, Coveros is able to provide a turn key solution for those who wish to begin leveraging the benefits of continuous integration.

SecureCI™ provides organizations with an integrated suite of open source tools that assist in the automation of the software build, test, and deploy process. By integrating secure code analysis and web security testing technologies, SecureCI™ extends continuous integration to incorporate automated security analysis and security testing of applications as well.

SecureCI Tool Suite

Project Management:
Trac (1.2)
SonarQube (6.1)
GitBlit (1.8.0)
Security Scanning:
OWASP Zap (2.5.0)
OpenSCAP (1.2.11)
YASCA (2.21)
Code Analysis:
Checkstyle (7.2)
PMD (5.5.2)
JDepend (2.9.1)
Cobertura (2.1.1)
Subversion (1.8.8)
Apache Ant (1.9.7)
Apache Maven (3.3.3)
Jenkins (2.42)
Sonatype Nexus (3.2.0)
Apache HTTP Server (2.4.18-2)
MySQL Server (5.7.23)
Python (2.7.12)
Postfix (2.11.0)
Oracle JDK (1.8.0_144)
Ubuntu Server Edition JeOS (16.04 LTS)
JUnit (4.12)
TestNG (
Selenium Server (2.53.0)
Selenium Java Client (2.53.1)
SecureCI™ Test Automation Framework (1.3.0)