Hey, everybody. This is Jeff Payne. I’m the founder and CEO of Coveros.

It is a crazy time out there, particularly here in the United States, where in the last week almost every business has gone virtual, whether they work like that before or not. Congratulations. You’re now a virtual company. And in my experience, from talking to people, this has caused all sorts of havoc. People aren’t used to working in that manner. They may not be setup technology wise and family might be there and disrupting their day to day operation. It is currently a huge challenge for many organizations to work that way.

At Coveros, we haven’t seen those challenges because in the last 12 years since I founded the company, we have been a virtual first organization. We started virtually. We’re still virtually. It’s just the way we work. We set ourselves up like that so that we could maintain our agility and also make sure we could scale and support employees wherever they were located across the world. Now, we understand most organizations don’t work like that, but we have over the last 12 years helped many organizations in a virtual manner.

Our business at Coveros is helping people improve and accelerate the delivery of their software by improving their agile, their DevOps, their test and test automation, and their security practices. And to that end, we provide virtual training courses. We provide virtual coaching of individuals, of teams, of enterprises. And we provide virtual implementation of software using agile, of CI/CD pipelines, of test automation. Really whatever it is you’re trying to do to advance your key capabilities in this time of need.

We always want to be a trusted advisor for you. And so I’ve got some things that I want to offer you for free today.

First, we’ve written quite a few blogs on how to work in a virtual manner and I’ve included a few links to those blogs in this message. There are many other blogs about technical subjects and subjects like virtual work and distributed teams.

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Second, we started what’s called the TechWell Hub about a year and a half ago. It is a free Slack based community of software professionals who every day collaborate, communicate, exchange ideas, help each other with challenges. I encourage you to join for free. You can do that at hub.techwell.com, and join the community and help each other in this time of need.

Last but not least, I’d like to give you a little bit of my time. If you’re interested in talking through some of the challenges, I’m offering up my time. It’s not like I’m traveling, so please reach out to me on Twitter and we can have a conversation. I’ll send you a virtual cup of coffee, if you will, a Starbucks gift card. And we can chat about anything you want to talk about—your software initiatives, going virtual, any of the things you’re you’re challenged with. I’m here, and Coveros is here to help you. So with that in mind, please call, and be safe.

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