I recently gave two versions of a talk at Jenkins User Conference 2015 World Tour in Washington, D.C. Here are the slides for anyone who wants to review them: JUC Zero to Jenkins.

That talk comes in two forms which you will notice from two cover pages.

  • Zero to Federated at the Speed of Jenkins – a slightly technical talk that explains some of the techniques we used to implement a continuous delivery (CD) pipeline using Chef and Jenkins technology. This “slice” of the presentation includes a bunch of Jenkins-specific slides talking about the structure of how we implemented the solution in Jenkins.
  • Zero to Continuous in 90 Days – (at the CD Summit) a slightly-less technical talk that focuses on some of the organizational aspects of succeeding with continuous delivery (CD) this this (or any) organization. This “slice” of the presentation includes a few organizational slides at the end which discuss some of the factors of success for implementing continuous delivery and DevOps.

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