I believe that three is a very special number. I can think of (at least) three things to support my belief:

  1. H2O
    Liquid, Solid, Gas
    It is what it is, although it exists in three different forms (water, ice, steam).
  2. Spacial Dimensions
    Height, Width, Depth
    These are used to describe the 3D world in which we live.
  3. Time
    Past, Present, Future
    Anything time related is described in one of these three ways.

When thinking about technical specifications, processes, procedures, plans, test data, use cases … I always think in threes. It has been my experience that three is the number that most often yields the best over all results.

With all that said I’m going to begin a series of blog posts, on a variety of subjects, and you can count on there being three points or three items or three steps in each.

Who knows, the series may end with three posts.

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